Meddsy | Solutions
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Basic pack

Meddsy case, multi section organizer, 2x pill containers, 2x pocket boxes, rescue container(includes: whistle, compass, multi-tool, fire starter, wire saw, pocket tool), power core with adapters, lightweight pouch, visual communication tool, visual checklist for disasters, first aid guide.

Advanced pack

Basic + first aid medicines according to Red Cross recommendations: ibuprofen tablets, extra-strength non-aspirin tablets, aspirin tablets, insect sting relief pads, antibiotic ointment packs, alcohol cleaning pads, bzk antiseptic towelettes, antiseptic treatment application, first aid cream packs, burn relief pack, plastic bandages, fabric bandages, patch bandages, instant cold compress, emergency blanket, moleskin squares, butterfly wound closures, finger splints, first aid tape rolls, trauma pad, sterile eye pad, gauze dressing pads, roller gauze, adhesive tape, thermometer (one time use), nitrile gloves, scissors, tweezers, cotton-tipped applicators, durable clear-pocket softpack.

Expert pack

Advanced + ammonia inhalant, digital thermometer, water filter travel straw, dental instant pain relief and temporarily repairs lost fillings kits, elastic kinesiology therapeutic tape, splint, cold and flu medicines, intestinal absorbent, colitis and diarrhea/intestinal infection treatment, allergy relief tablets, acid reducer tablets, advanced clotting sponge, syringes, sewing kit, particulate respirator, safety eyewear, survival water bags, quick release tourniquet, hand and toes warmers, acupressure wrist bandage, ice & snow grips over shoe, CPR mask, duct tape, pathogenic microorganisms fighter, condoms.

Special for Kickstarter backers Р Vietnamese Golden Star Balm